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As a Lifesciences company your starting point for clinical trials is often your biggest bottleneck – clinical trial recruitment (patient recruitment) of eligible patients is crucial. Our Automated Clinical Trial Matching solution helps automate this manual and time-consuming patient recruitment task using leading-edge technologies – Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques. It extracts key information from a series of narrative clinical documents of the patients and collates helpful evidence. So you are empowered to make informed decisions on patient eligibility according to the defined inclusion and exclusion criteria.

The accuracy of matching is vital, and we accomplish this by continuous training of the machine with the right medical ontologies. Domain experts – working closely with our development team throughout the lifecycle – annotate and curate the data to aid in the correct interpretation and better accuracy of our matching.

In sum, our solution automates the current manual approach, removes people dependency (for analysis and insights) and brings in the specialization and sophistication needed. Incorrect matching and delays are a thing of the past.

The next several screens give you a feel of our Automated Clinical Trial Matching (ACTM) solution.

Incorrect matching and delays are a thing of the past.


Ingest & mine structured/unstructured health data (80% of all health records).

Multiple input formats EHR, PDF, Text, Social media, Patient input.

Multiple inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Identify potential trial cohorts.

Successfully recruit

ACTM @ Work

Circlebase: ACTM

The solution extracts information from the patient data which resides in multiple formats (pdf, scanned patient report, other medical data format ex. DICOM). It then identifies the correct entities (diseases, drug, dosage) and the corresponding value, and maps it as per medical coding standards.

Circlebase ACTM Match Score

Match score is determined based on the defined inclusion and exclusion criteria for the study. Patient data from multiple formats are curated as per the ontology and our AI model determines the match score based on the defined weightage. The detailed report for the match score is also available.

Patient Cohort Builder The entity extraction app identifies a wide range of clinical, social, and demographic entities from the data, which could then be used to identify the suitable patient cohorts for recruitment drives.

Circlebase Conversational AI Solution
Our chatbot can help you automate several mundane tasks ranging from recruitment, scheduling the meetings, to collecting patient feedback and getting informed consent. This is also invaluable during the monitoring of the patient and makes it easy for them to reach out to their co-ordinator.



Fetch the inclusion and exclusion criteria based on NCT ID automatically

Multiple Formats

Upload multiple formats of patient medical record CCDA, PDF, Image

Guided Approach

Ability to create medical record from scratch in a guided approach

Entity Identification

Identify the entities related to eligibility and the relationship with other entities like value, temporal, reference etc.

Multiple Ontologies

Normalize the data based on multiple ontologies (sleepless/disperia, spelling mistakes)


Establish the match between available patient profile and eligibility criteria

Create Cohorts

Easy to use options for cohort creation for new scenarios or studies


Chatbot support for the subjects


Fully deidentified and secured

Solution HIghlights


Productivity improvement of screening person/clinician

Reduce number of patients manually reviewed

Combine multiple sources of patient data


Time savings in patient selection

Enhance patient & recruiter experience

Quality of

Lanny Turner MD Chief Medical Officer, Circlebase
“As a Principal Investigator, I learned that the greatest inefficiency in clinical trials is that of trying to identify patients who are eligible for a study. The Circlebase solution, ACTM (Automated Clinical Trial Matching), greatly reduces both the expense and time required to identify the patient cohort for any study type.”
Dr. Lanny Turner, CMO – Circlebase

Ramp up your recruitment and boost your FDA approval success

For Lifesciences Companies time is money. Leverage Circlebase’s AI and ML led Automated Clinical Trial Matching Solution and transform your business and scale new heights. A single SaaS based solution that accelerates patient recruitment, uses computational technologies to extract information from unstructured data, offers insights and helps in the accurate submission of data. The future of clinical trials is one click away.

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