Circlebase Team

Rajiv Marwah

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer


"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."


My responsibilities:

As co-founder, I am responsible for our customer’s success, the company culture, and ensuring we stay focused on our purpose which is “to build applications that advance human health.”

What drives me every day: The opportunity to create innovative digital solutions that transform health care. We have the team, the technology expertise, domain knowledge, tools, infrastructure, and crucially, the mindset to solve tough challenges.

These are a few of my favorite things: Endurance sports cycling, running, working with social impact organizations, and as an advisor to early-stage startups. My favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

My inspirations: I am inspired by people who have overcome adversity and the tough challenges life has thrown at them. These include blind climbers who scale high mountains, children who overcome cancer – those who achieve incredible feats in spite of their health limitations.

Brief background:

Digital Transformation Solutions & Services for Health Care & Life Sciences. Created and led the design, implementation and monetization of solutions which includes Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Image Processing, Workflow integration, Hybrid Cloud operations and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities thereby enabling radical improvements of healthcare processes.

Previously I served as a cofounder as well as held leadership roles spanning cross-functional responsibilities, P&L, Solutions/Market fit, Quality, Sales, Operations, Team building and IT infrastructure in Health Care, Entertainment, and Internet.

A software engineer having worked in Silicon Valley, I have a strong commitment to a culture of experimentation, innovation, collaboration, privacy, and reverse mentoring.

Ritesh Kumar

Co-founder | Chief Solutions Officer


“Innovation is the outcome of a habit, not a random act.”

My responsibilities:

As a Co-founder and Chief Solutions Officer, I am responsible for designing newer solutions to challenges – old and new – and setting the culture of innovation and learning within teams. At Circlebase, I play the role of a path finder, converting complex business problems to analytical ones, and creating solutions that are scalable and enduring.

What drives me every day: The fact that a lot more needs to be accomplished, that Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination and that every advancement, small or big, contributes to better population health.

These are a few of my favorite things: I enjoy participating in Kaggle competitions, playing the game of table-tennis and spending time with the family.

My inspirations: I am inspired by several people around me. Swami Vivekananda and Steve Jobs have been my role model for their progressive thoughts. I believe in people and go by what Steve Jobs said: “It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.”

Brief background:

I am a techno-functional leader with a track record of setting up Analytics Centre of Excellence (CoE), building AI products and driving high growth businesses. A firm believer in AI for automation, I have led several projects with AI and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) at the core. With more than a decade of experience in advanced analytics, I have been responsible for new AI product launches and deliveries across multiple domains.

An avid programmer, a Kaggle 2X Expert, and an MBA from India’s topmost B-School (ISB, Hyderabad), I bring a unique blend of domain, technology, and business strategy. In an earlier avatar I was a Merchant Mariner.

Ron Turner

Product and Services Evangelist


"For me, hearing 'This can't be done' triggers an irresistible call to action."

My responsibilities:

As product and services Evangelist, I am responsible for articulating the innovative features and benefits of Circlebase’s technologies and making clear how these deliver the value customers expect.

What drives me every day: Addiction to pursuing state-of-the-art technologies in order to combine them in non-obvious ways for solving Grand Challenges.

Making a difference: More than surpassing milestones, we are heavily invested in resolving real-world human problems and pain.

These are a couple of my favorite things: Reading Greek without a translator in the loop and Marimba

My inspirations: My humble and unassuming friend Prof. Brent Edstrom is a rare and “high-octane” embodiment of C.P. Snow’s Two Cultures (Humanities and Science). He is a jazz composer, arranger and performer (keyboard soloist and with his professional jazz trio), a prolific author, studio producer and accomplished software developer. He inspires me to cavort flagrantly across the Two Cultures without fear or embarrassment.

The experience: Each member of our team is highly credentialed and therefore respected and trusted. This creates an amicable work experience and efficient division of labor

Brief background:

My variegated academic experience (Fulbright in Spain, Harvard Ph.D. in Romance Languages, thesis research at MIT, 15 years on five university faculties) has allowed me to do serious R&D and publications both in linguistics and in computer science. The most significant R&D contribution to CircleBase originates from my industrial work experience as a software engineer and from three large Government grants awarded to my company, targeting (1) electronic data interoperability, (1) natural language authoring of computer-executable access control policies and (3) exploitation of graph data.

Lanny Turner MD Chief Medical Officer, Circlebase


Chief Medical Officer


"Situations that require change are not problems; rather they are opportunities for improvement--always!"

My responsibilities:

As Chief Medical Officer, I am responsible for assuring that the products we develop are relevant for the care of patients and their providers.

What drives me every day: Being part of an agile company that puts tools in the hands of providers that simplify their delivery of healthcare services.

Making a difference: My desire is to provide our partners and customers with proof that they are serviced by a company that always seeks to promote their success.

A few of my favorite things: I have a keen interest in my own family geneology as well as in English literature, in which I majored as an undergraduate. I also enjoy playing golf, but sadly my enthusiasm exceeds my skill!

My inspirations: Two individuals are an inspiration to me. The first is my brother and co-founder, Ron Turner, Ph.D., who inspires me with a work ethic and passion that I’ve not seen matched by another human being. The other person is my son. Besides being a wonderful attorney, he was the kindest man with the gentlest spirit I have ever known

The experience: I was fortunate to attend Harvard University, which was wonderfully challenging and stimulating. Working at Circlebase has created a similar environment, in which I am fortunate to work with brilliant individuals who enjoy and challenge each other on a daily basis.

Brief background:
Harvard University B.A., English Literature
University of Washington School of Medicine, M.D. (Seattle) Investigator – Multiple Clinical Trials
Active clinical practice in Urgent Care and Occupational Health


Vice President – Operations


“Thinking is our capital asset. No matter whatever Ups and Downs that come our way.”

- APJ Abdul Kalam


My Responsibilities:

My all-consuming goal is to make Circlebase the organization of choice for our employees, customers, and partners. I strive to ensure that we are true to our purpose and PULSE, our deep-seated culture is woven in everything we do.

I am additionally responsible for the smooth operations and be a catalyst in our growth equation.

What drives me every day: Starting fresh every day by iterating to myself “Today is the first day of rest of my life!”

What amplifies this is the joy I get by adding to the success of others. If I hear ‘You made my day’ then that is the bonus I earned.

Making a difference: Focusing more on solutions than problems.

My Inspirations: I consider every human being in my circle to be unique in their own way and that uniqueness inspires me. I believe it drives my enthusiasm and helps me do things better.

Brief Background:
I am a Digital enthusiast having experience driving transformational impact across Operations, Presales, Delivery management, Quality assurance, Process excellence. Possess successful delivery track record in healthcare, energy & utilities, FinTech, Logistics domains covering US, Europe, UK, and APAC regions.

Our employee happiness index is my priority and that will by itself take care of the code health to advance human health, resulting in our customer’s happiness

Started my career as an enthusiastic Computer Engineer living with classes and objects that derived values for customers

Naz Haji



Naz Haji is a global business executive and board Member with over 30 years of experience leading successful teams across mature and emerging markets.

A multiple industry veteran with deep expertise not only in life sciences, pharma, energy, construction, manufacturing, aerospace, and consulting but additionally, the technologies that underpin these industries. He has served on multiple boards for both profit and non-profit across the globe. Most recently, he was Managing Director for IQVIA India, leading thousands of employees across multiple business lines.

Naz has led teams and organizations across the globe in numerous capacities clearly understanding the cultural nuances, and sensitivities. His geographic experience spans multiple locations, within the US and Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia. He has consistently driven change and compounded productivity while receiving numerous accolades for innovation, growth and leadership. He is consistently interviewed and quoted by local media and often on the stage at conferences and events. The technology and business operations divisions he led were consistently recognized by external industry bodies and is contributes to multiple industry publications on business, leadership and technology.
Today, Naz is the CEO and founder of NH Advisory, supporting a wide range of companies in various capacities including, technology, market growth, and operations. He also serves on various boards. He continues to be very committed to life sciences and health care in general.