chatGPT may not provide answers to your clinical research challenges – Here is why?


Authors: Rajiv Marwah &  Ritesh Kumar:

2022 was the year of generative artificial intelligence.  

OpenAI blew our minds from DALL-E2 to ChatGPT now. ChatGPT can generate intelligent responses to natural language inputs. It’s stunning! It can answer general questions, code, write stories and poems, suggest itineraries, etc.

It looks similar to the Google search engine. You can find information based on your search term. Google searches the internet for content with intelligence. ChatGPT generates intelligent information based on large-scale learning models.

The question is can chatGPT help solve your clinical research challenges?

The daunting clinical research challenges

The pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars on clinical trials every year, and it’s estimated that the average cost of bringing a new drug to market is around $2.6 billion. The overall success rate of getting a drug to market is estimated at around 10-15%.

For your clinical research challenges like patient recruitment, patient awareness, patient engagement, and clinical trial-related queries you need a context-aware conversational AI that understands the patient’s medical history, the complex inclusion/exclusion criteria for the clinical trials, multiple formats of medical data (Audio, Images, unstructured data), need for data standardization, the complex nomenclature, and the list extends….

CeeBee – The Conversational AI Specialist For Life Sciences

Circlebase, over the years of research, working with clinical domain specialists and patients had built CeeBee the context-aware, life sciences specialized conversational AI solution. CeeBee makes the complex journey of clinical trials smooth, comfortable, educative, risk-free, and engaging for the patients and the clinical research specialists. CeeBee is a powerful solution for the clinical trial world. 

CeeBee Differentiators

CeeBee is not just a chatbot with AI capability. CeeBee is a life science specialized,  context-aware conversational expert addressing the unique challenges of clinical trials. The top 10 key differentiators are mentioned below:

  1. Clinical Research Specific. Integrates medical content from trusted sources including information on conditions, symptoms, specialists, medications, and procedures
  2. Avoids bias (The potential effect of bias is that it may lead to wrong conclusions about the beneficial and harmful effects of interventions)
  3. Tighter control of content (limit where the information is sourced from); updates to content; content behind enterprise firewalls
  4. Conversational flow/design catering to patients of different age groups (seniors)
  5. Identification of medical entities, and adverse events. Understands healthcare intents by leveraging built-in language models tuned to medical terminology.
  6. Regulatory compliance
  7. Keeping models up to date
  8. Exception handling
  9. Ability to transfer to humans during the conversation. Handles interruptions, topic changes, human error, and complex clinical trial queries
  10. Securely integrate with your own backend systems
1 : CeeBee - The conversational AI Specialist for Your Clinical Trials

Write to us at or call us at +1 (408) 598-2618  to know more about CeeBee who is available 24 x 7 to attend to your clinical trial needs.